Poisonous algae back at pleasure park lake

POISONOUS blue-green algae has resurfaced at the lake at Brooklands Pleasure Park, putting wildlife and potentially humans in serious danger, the Environment Agency has confirmed.

The algae, which wreaked havoc last year killing ducks, fish and other wildlife,…has bloomed again due to the build up of sediment on the lake bed.

Now residents are calling on the council to dredge the lake to combat the algae’s onslaught, which has already claimed the lives of several birds.

The recent spell of hot weather has encouraged the algae to grow and people are complaining of the ‘horrendous’ smell given off by the decaying slime.

Visitors have been advised to avoid contact with the water and to keep pets away until further notice or risk skin rashes, eye irritation, vomiting, diarrhoea, and fever.

Muscle and joint pain can occur in those who swallow or swim through the algal scum.

Signs are being put up to warn people of the dangers, and visitors are being advised to seek medical help if they experience any of the above symptoms after coming into contact with the water.

Worthing Borough Council has scheduled extra daily visits to check the lake and is working with the Environment Agency.

Director for communities John Mitchell said dredging the lake was one of the options the council was considering. 
He said the silt was being tested to find out what was in it, as that would influence how it could be disposed of.

“In addition, a longer term and sustainable solution needs to be found that helps to prevent the build of the silt in the first place,” said Mr Mitchell.

“The Council is consulting with key stakeholders such as the Environment Agency on these options.”

Any incidents of pollution or wildlife in distress should be reported via the 24-hour emergency hotline on 0800 807 060.

Commenting on the Lancing Regeneration Facebook page, Tery Brady wrote: “I was driving past it yesterday and thought what a shame to see it in that state.

“When my kids were young we used to go over there often to the paddling pool and we used to enjoy the boats on the lake – now it’s a green sludgy mess.”


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