NASA to Support the Fight Against Algal Bloom

NASA promised to support the officials in the Toledo area, to diagnose and research the unwanted algae that may harm in the future. These unwanted algae were either not detected or left unnoticed, until the bloom took place…

NASA’s specialist of public affairs – Frank Jennings shared her views by stating; “The imaging is almost like an X-ray of Lake Erie. It allows us to better characterize the biological components (of the algal blooms) and can tell us if we’re seeing good algae or bad algae.”

The research by NASA will continue for a month with the goal to stop the spread of the unwanted algae in water. According to the earlier studies, NASA mentions the difference between the good and bad algae. On one side, the good algae play a vital role in the water and on the other side, blue-green toxins that are released from bad algae damages the ecosystem by covering the water.

NASA will use its advanced instruments to have more clear images, despite the air, clouds, fog and rains, which will help to monitor these algae blooms.


Photo caption: The fight of officials against algal blooms in the area of Lake Erie, has attracted one more partner in this battle.

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