First Mobile Algae Refinery Opens

On Monday the world’s first mobile algae refinery plant will be commissioned in Lelystad. This is a test facility which will explore more widely the possibilities of extracting for example proteins, oils and carbohydrates from algae. Until now this was done only in laboratories, using smaller quantities.

There are already several algae farms, but the algae produced there are mainly processed int powders or superfoods. A spokesperson for the mobile algae plant says that the algae will now be used in its entirety. This plant will cut up the algae so that the dust can be removed, which can for example be used for making paints, instead of raw materials which are very scarce.

Algae consist of many valuable ingredients, have a very high growth rate and can be easily grown on barren ground. Scientists see algae as the leading crop for the future, Z24 reports.

The mobile test facility fits into a single container and can be moved to different algae suppliers. For the coming period the installation will be on the site of Acrres in Lelystad. Accres is the national practice center for renewable energy and green commodities.


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