Support “Made in Nature Spirulina” to stop desertification in Ordos grasslands

[China] Founded in October 2005, InM Wushenzhao Ecological Development Co., Ltd. is located in the Wushenzhao ecological park, Wushenqi, Erdos City.

The company is involved in three main environment reconstruction and ecological activities: vegetation and rehabilitation desert, production of renewable energy and farming of Spirulina to fix carbon dioxide and as new food source.

Salix psammophila
Salix psammophila

Supported by the China’s government, the company has been planting hundred of acres of desert plant known as Salix psammophila to control desertification. In addition, the reconstruction of desert landscape help reduce the severity of sand and dust storms which occur several times in the North Eastern China.

By understanding and utilizing the unique biological habits of this desert shrub, the grown up plants are harvested for power generation in biomass combustion generator. The carbon dioxide produced by the generator is subsequently used for Spirulina cultivation.

With an annual production capacity of more than 100 tons of Spirulina, the company has created a sustainable economic path of harmonious development between human and society, and between man and nature.

View of Ordos’s Spirulina farm

Upon fulfilling several production and quality control requirements, the brand name of the company’s Spirulina product – “Made in Nature Spirulina” is now gaining international certification and recognition, and it is ready for international sales.

Inner Mongolia 2
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The company hope that the sales of “Made in Nature Spirulina” could help generate income to support more anti-desertification projects.

Contact information:

Inner Mongolia Wushenzhao Ecological Industry Development Co.,Ltd (内蒙古乌审召生态产业发展有限公司)

Address: Wushenzhao Ecological Industrial Park,  017320 Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, China 内蒙古鄂尔多斯乌审旗乌审召生态工业园区。电话:15004776963/0477-7490311

Tel: 15004776963, 0477-7490311

Email: [email protected] (Rong Yan)


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