Seaweed nursery supplies farms

[Fiji] The coastal villages of Nayavuira, Togavere along with a few communities in the Tailevu North zone will soon benefit from the harvest of their seaweed sourced from the fisheries department’s nursery in the North.

North divisional fisheries officer Joji Vakawaletabua said they distributed 1400 seaweed seedlings to Nayavuira last week.

He said the seedlings could be converted to about 140 lines of seaweed.

“As per our plans, after three to six weeks the farm should be ready for harvest yielding 1400 kilograms of seaweed which is three tonnes,” he said.

“If the villagers harvested the 1000kg for sale to Asian markets this would get them close to $3000 while they could use the other 400 kilogram of seaweed to expand their farms. However, the yield of seaweed will depend highly on how the farms are managed by the villagers.”

Mr Vakawaletabua said they would dispatch another load of seaweed to Togavere .

“The seaweed nursery here in the North is doing well and we have been able to supply nurseries to communities in Viti Levu,” he said.


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