Made in Nature Spirulina, naturally-occurring nutrients

[China] Cultivated in the Inner Mongolia of China, the “Made in Nature Spirulina” is rich in high-quality protein and nutrients. Most of the nutrients in Spirulina are in the list of recommended daily nutrition, which includes 10 vitamins, 12 minerals, 18  amino acids, β-carotene, phycocyanin, SOD, DHA and others.


Spirulina is by far the most nutrient-rich and balanced natural nutrition. In this article, “Made in Nature Spirulina” highlights its nutritional components as follow:


GLA is an unsaturated fatty acid which is used to reduce cholesterol, reduce obesity, and to improve heart conditions. The content of GLA in Spirulina is 14 times of breast milk.

SOD (Super-oxide dismutase)

SOD is an important antioxidant, not merely being able to prevent radiation damage, but also being capable of effectively resisting peroxide anion radicals, thereby delaying aging and regulating the body’s metabolism, thus enhancing the  immune function of body itself.

Spirulina has the highest content of SOD among all plant-microbe, including active SOD of 1000 to 3750 units per gram.


Beta-carotene is the best antioxidant, able to inhibit proliferation of cancer cell, so as to impel normalization of cancer cell.

Content of β-carotene in spirulina is 15 times of the fresh carrots, and 64 times of the spinach.


Phycocyanin is a rare natural ingredient only found in algae. Phycocyanin increases physical fitness and promotes the growth of blood cells, enhances immune function of our body. In every 100 g of Spirulina, there are at least 35 mg of phycocyanin.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin which is able to promote the formation and regeneration of red blood cells, prevents anemia,  maintains a healthy nervous system, and increases appetite. The amount of Vitamin B12 in Spirulina 2.5 times more than beef.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E, also known as “vascular scavenger”, delays cell aging, prevents cholesterol which blocks blood vessels and minimize the risk of having stroke. Each gram of Spirulina consists of 40 micrograms vitamin E.


Six advantages of “Made in Nature Spirulina”

  1. “Made in Nature” Spirulina farm is located at 39 degrees north latitude, with more than 3100 hours solar irradiation per year. Sunlight is a prerequisite for algae to obtain nutrients in growth process.
  2. Selected algae species – carefully selected by stringent standards. Made in Nature Spirulina,  one of the high-quality strain of Spirulina platensis, is selected by the experts from the Centre for Health and Nutrition. The width of algal filaments is about 33-42 microns, while the length is around 200-500 microns.
  3. Nourishment of natural alkali lake water – “Made in Nature” Spirulina is grown using natural alkaline lake water. The growth environment of our Spirulina is maintained between pH 8.6 and 9.5, thereby bringing you nutritionally endowed natural Spirulina.
  4. Best harvesting time – Our Spirulina is harvested during the peak time for best nutritional value, quality, and freshness. In order to maximize and retain the overall nutrition content of microalgae, we have harvested our Spirulina at the peak of nutrition, conserving the active substances and nutrients of microalgae in a timely manner.
  5. We are the first in the world who uses “deionized water purification” technique – This technique allow a deep cleaning of Spirulina using deionized water. “Made in Nature Spirulina” leads the algae industry to produce cleanest Spirulina, removing all types of impurities, leaving only the purest Spirulina for our consumers.
  6. We utilizes instant preservation technology maintain the freshness and nutritional value of Spirulina. Our instant spray drying technology is employed during the production of Made in Nature Spirulina, so that the harvested Spirulina is dried quickly, ensuring that bioactive ingredients and natural nutrients are kept intact.


“Made in Nature Spirulina” is now expanding its global market. If you are interested to know more about the quality and production process of Made in Nature Spirulina, please contact:

Inner Mongolia Wushenzhao Ecological Industry Development Co.,Ltd (内蒙古乌审召生态产业发展有限公司)

Address: Wushenzhao Ecological Industrial Park,  017320 Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, China 内蒙古鄂尔多斯乌审旗乌审召生态工业园区。电话:15004776963/0477-7490311

Tel: 15004776963, 0477-7490311

Email: (Rong Yan)


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