New flamingos added to Wonders of Wildlife animal menagerie

[USA] You may have seen the plastic version in somebody’s front yard.

But now you can see them in real-life at the Wonders of Wildlife Museum in Springfield.

They are a species of flamingos that are on the near-threatened list as compiled by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. That means that while they’re not endangered, they were once a candidate for extinction only to have their numbers go back up thanks to conservation efforts.

They are called lesser flamingos, because they are the smallest of the species. Only three-to-five pounds, 31-36 inches tall and found in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The birds feed on shrimp and algae and look very strange when they eat because their long necks are bent over with their heads upside-down in the water.

And what they eat actually contributes to their pinkish-white color.

“Even though the algae has that blue-green color there are red pigmentations in that algae and that’s what causes them to turn that light-pink color,” explained Shelby Stephenson, the spokesperson for Wonders of Wildlife.

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