Norway’s Lingalaks starts production of Veramaris algae oil-fed salmon

[Norway] Norway’s Lingalaks has begun growing salmon that have had Veramaris’ algal oil worked into their diet, the company said.

Veramaris, the Dutch algae oil producer that’s a joint venture between Netherlands-based feedmaker DSM and German chemical company Evonik, said in a press release that the farmer’s salmon will be sold in German stores owned by the retailer Kaufland.

Vermaris’ oil is rich in docosahexaenoic (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic (EPA) omega-3 fatty acids are increasingly seen as substitute for fish oil produced from wild-caught fish, allowing retailers to tout the salmon’s sustainability story.

“Omega-3 EPA + DHA from natural marine algae allows us to produce healthier and better salmon. It also gives us the unique opportunity to differentiate our company within a competitive market,” Lingalaks owner Erlend Haugarvoll said. “Our courage to pioneer a new and more sustainable production method using algal oil resonated well with our philosophy.”

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