Incredible images show life in China’s ‘most beautiful fishing village’

[China] Incredible images show the stunning fishing village of Xiapu in China’s Fujian province.

Almost like a painting, Xiapu is a step back in time to traditional China.

The photos taken on November 28 show the beauty of the township in south-east China.

For those wishing to visit and get a slice of village life, Xiapu is a place where tourists can collect seaweed and take boat rides.

According to the People’s Daily Online, it is often known as the most charming fishing village of China. It has the largest mudflat in the country, encompassing 40 square kilometres and more than 400 kilometres of coastline.

The people in the village live off the basics with many villagers working as farmers on nearby hills. They use hand tools to collect fruit and vegetables.

Despite its rural feel, Xiapu isn’t too far from some of China’s big cities with Shanghai a seven hour drive away and Xiamen a five hour drive away, according to China Highlights.

Many people work from April to June on the boats harvesting seaweed and fish. Seaweed is then hung up on bamboo to dry.

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