Algae suit generates food to feed your constant hunger

When we think of futuristic fashion, our minds often lean toward the minimalist designs of Star Trek or Tron. But maybe what we wear in the future will have more to do with what we eat than what we want to look like…

That’s the premise behind the algaculture symbiosis suit designed by Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta. The symbiosis suit is designed to make food for you as you go about your daily routine. A number of tubes, placed in front of your mouth, harness the CO2 you breathe and feed it to an ever-growing population of algae which lives in the suit. Stepping outside or sitting near a window provides the algae all the sun it requires.

Algae Opera

Of course, the growing of algae isn’t the end-game here — it’s growing enough to eat three square meals a day of the stuff. The suit debuted at a recent event at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. There, an opera singer donned the algaculture symbiosis suit and serenaded the gathered crowd. The suit created new algae populations during her performance, which audience members were free to consume after the presentation.

If this all sounds fairly creepy to you, algae might already be closer to your daily food supply than you think. Sushi, ice cream and milkshakes all routinely include one form of algae or another. With algae already being tapped as a future source of renewable fuel, it’s possible that we could one day begin relying on the slimy green stuff as a major food source.


Photo credit: Algaculture

Colin Druce-McFadden, dvice

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