Algae Biomass Organization reframes climate change buzz

In Washington, the Algae Biomass Association is attempting to reframe the recent conversation surrounding climate change as a platform to support algae biofuel development. The organization released a statement which detailed the two benefits of algae technologies:

Firstly, algae derived products will empower consumers to live the comfortable lifestyles of advanced economies, without the harmful carbon impacts of past industrial technologies. Fuels from algae, along with sustainable feeds, food products, plastics, even medicines can allow billions of people to live the kind of life that developed nations are used to, without the tradeoff of increased emissions.

Secondly, a strong consumer base for algae-derived products will cause the industry to expand its capacity, displacing the need to extract fuels from underground, or use other unsustainable feedstocks. Widespread use of algal products will encourage an industry that doesn’t require freshwater to grow its crops, or use valuable farmland.


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