Floating islands to be installed at Harveys Lake

The Harveys Lake Environmental Advisory Council invites the public to the installation of floating wetland islands at 11 a.m. Tuesday. Those interested should meet at the Harveys Lake Beach Club, 2048 Lakeside Drive (pole 187)…

Fred Lubnow, environmental scientist with Princeton Hydro, will give an overview of the project, which involves installing five 250-square-foot floating wetland islands made of recycled plastic material in shallow spots around Harveys Lake. He will also help direct volunteers in placing aquatic plants in the islands to help reduce levels of nutrients in the lake such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

The plants and the microorganisms that grow in their roots will help remove about 10 pounds of phosphorus from the lake each year, each pound of which can generate up to 1,100 pounds of algae. Explosive algae growth has the potential to rob the lake of oxygen, which can kill fish. Toxic algae can pose a threat to human and animal health.

The Harveys Lake Environmental Advisory Council received a grant of approximately $10,000 to purchase the islands. All five will be installed by the end of the week, according to a statement by the council’s chair, Sid P. Halsor.

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