Fountain City Lake is looking a little green.. and gross

[13th May, 2014] An iconic spot in North Knoxville has seen better days. Fountain City Lake is green with algae, and park visitors want to see it cleaned up. Luckily, the city has a plan to make that happen. In addition to the algae problem, there is also a leak along one side, causing issues with the water levels…

“It’s kind of disgusting and it’s sad. It’s sad the way it’s grown up. Seems like no one cares,” said park visitor Dorothy York.

Ducks are swimming through the muck, and the fountain is turned off.

The City of Knoxville is looking to set aside $250,000 in the upcoming budget to improve conditions in the lake.

“We’re looking at more pumps, a better filtration system, and leave it to the engineers to really come up with the best solution to the problem,” said Knoxville Parks and Recreation director Joe Walsh.

Jermaine Gordon grew up visiting the park and he said he can barely recognize it.

“It’s not the same. I come out here to catch a childhood memory, but what memory? Really, what memory? A dirty lake? You have ducks with algae all in their mouths. This is the duck’s home,” said Gordon.

And now it’s a waiting game before they the fountain can be turned back on the lake is restored to the way Gordon remembered it.

Walsh said they hope the budget is passed within the next few weeks. If so, they can begin fixing some of these problems making the lake look like it does right now.

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