“Leading Edge” with Host Jimmy Johnson Will Be Featuring Education in Marine Biology in an Upcoming Segment

Marine biology is the study of all things living in water. From the greatest fish in the sea to the algae that produces more oxygen than any other plant on Earth, understanding how these animals and vegetation live and what impact humans have on these living species is vital to prolonging the life of not only these creatures and plants, but also the environment as it is today.

Despite having explored every corner of the Earth’s surface, there is still much to learn and see under the water. Animals are continually being discovered hundreds of feet below the surface, where mankind still has not explored. Who knows what great mysteries can be found on the ocean floor and what new adventures await?

Understanding the importance of marine life and its impact on humans is important. With water covering over two-thirds of the planet, the ability to sustain life in the water is imperative to the life on Earth itself. The study of the creatures that call oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds and all other waterways home is just as important as any other scientific study, and “Leading Edge with Jimmy Johnson” looks to bring to light this importance to Public Television.

The segment will shed light on innovations in the field, and those who are educating the next generation on this crucial science.

The series is distributed to Public Television stations throughout the United States and is not distributed through PBS. Check out the Leading Edge website at http://www.leadingedgeseries.com, or contact the producing team at info(at)leadingedgeseries(dot)com.


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