New Central Park fountains ‘put off our wildlife’

[18th May, 2014] Concerns have been raised that the two new fountains on the lake in Chelmsford Central Park are driving away wildlife. The fountains were installed earlier this year to help keep the lake algae free.

But Andrew Brown, of Maltese Road, Chelmsford, said he reckoned half the duck population had already abandoned the lake and that swans were also visiting far less Chelmsford Council has…

dismissed the claims, stating the new feature is essential to the health of the lake’s inhabitants.

Mr Brown said: “All we will be left with is a monument to waste energy. Visitors won’t be attracted and the wildlife on this lake, which I believe dates back toVictorian times, certainly don’t want their habitat destroyed like this.”

The fountains were installed in March as a replacement for a system that had been under water for the past five years.

A council spokesman said water that is not properly aerated doesn’t contain enough oxygen for fish to survive and risks algae getting out of control.

He said: “Not only do we not anticipate any negative impact on wildlife from the introduction of these new aeration heads, but they are necessary to the health of creatures living in and around the lake.

“As the aeration heads needed replacing, it was a good opportunity to introduce this newer system, which is also more accessible for maintenance.”


Chelmsford Weekly News

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