Qualitas Health Launches New Almega PL Website

[2nd, May 2014] Qualitas Health, a developer of vegetarian omega-3s made from microalgae, announced the launch of its new Almega PL website. The new site offers increase functionality, a user-friendly interface and information about Almega PL. Tabs at the top of the home page offer information on the omega-3’s source, composition, ratio, sustainability and quality control. The site also contains a “where to buy” function, so that consumers can easily locate retail products containing Almega PL…

“The Almega PL website is the first step in our digital marketing efforts,” said David Hart, vice president of marketing at Qualitas Health. “We are already seeing a high level interest by consumers, who are contacting us through the website. This is the first part of a targeted consumer outreach to support the company’s co-branding products, and is a key component of the marketing support Qualitas will provide for our Almega PL brand partners.”

Almega PL is a new omega-3 nutrition ingredient that is vegetarian, sustainable and EPA-rich, with a polar-lipid structure.

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