Algae Warnings Posted at Buckeye Lake

BUCKEYE LAKE (Lu Ann Stoia/Dawn Faugl) — Swimming and wading are not recommended at beaches on Buckeye Lake for young children, seniors, and people with weakened immune systems…

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has posted warning signs at popular Brooks Park, Crystal, and Fairfield Beaches, where toxic algae blooms have been found for the fourth summer in a row.  State officials said the warm wet spring is to blame for the higher levels being found two months ahead of last summer. 

The Ohio EPA is monitoring the water, and found toxins are about ten times the state’s safety threshold. Buckeye Lake is the second inland lake where algae warnings have been posted. Grand Lake St. Mary’s posted signs on Memorial Day weekend.

Despite the signs, people were at the beach Thursday, and jet skiing in the lake. One dad, who was taking his boys fishing, said he won’t eat the catch. Jim Schorr said he was surprised by the warnings.

“Now that you mentioned the algae problem I seriously doubt my boys will be in the water unless they are going to be pulling a fish out of the water and throwing him back in. We will stay in the boat.”

The toxic algae outbreaks are fed by phosphorus from fertilizers and manure that wash into streams and into the lake.

The Ohio Department of Health said the algae can produce liver and nerve toxins that can make you sick.



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