Authorities attempt to revive Twin Taung Lake

Myanmar sees the food supplement production of algae Spirulina thrived at lakes in Twin Taung, located between Sagaing Hill and Min Wun Hill in Sagaing Region.

Yaekhar lake produces Spirulina for… the production of medicines and consumer goods. The algae thrives in lakes and volcanic craters with high pH level.

The algae production was in the lull in 2012, dropping further last year.

This year, the authorities have been trying to boost the output of Spirulina from the lakes using water reserve osmosis method to ensure the pH balance, said production superviser Sithu.

“The main problem is the way fresh water is entering the lake. At present, we are doing reserve osmosis method and use various fish net to catch Tilapia fish in the lake. If we could prevent the inflow of water into the lake, the pH level will rise higher and the fish will get killed,” said Sithu.

According to the workshop held at the Industry Ministry on June 5 in Nay Pyi Taw, the academics said the lake is the volcano crater. Therefore the outside water could not easily seep through the lake’s walls.

They recommended for the use of urea fertiliser to treat the lake water in order to increase the algae.

Professor Dr Zaw Myint Ni, department head at Monywa University, said the chemicals in the lake must be seriously controlled and that the fish should be saved by removing them from the lake.

“Regardless of the Spirulina production, the lake will be here forever. We have to use the lake for recreation or for tourist attraction. At the moment, daily visitors number around 20 if we look at the visitors book,” said a geologist.

Spirulina is found in Mexico, Africa aside from Myanmar. It is a popular food supplement for health-conscious consumers.

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