Honeoye Lake algae breed urgency for Canadice water project

CANADICE – Some 450 households that now rely on a well or Honeoye Lake for their water will be part of a new public water system now in the works…

Establishing Water District No. 1 to service about 1,100 residents received a positive response at a public hearing July 9, said Town Supervisor Kris Singer. But now there are “two very important phases that we need the cooperation of the residents for us to get to construction,” she said.

One of those phases involves obtaining releases from 323 property owners to allow an archaeological survey required by U.S. Department of Agriculture. As of Thursday, the town was still awaiting permission from about 100 property owners. Owners were contacted, but as many residences are seasonal, connecting with owners poses a challenge, Singer said.

Then, once the final engineering is complete later this year, the town will need easements from residents before the town can put the construction work out to bid.

Honeoye Lake, historically hospitable to algae, last summer landed on a list with a number of other lakes statewide plagued by toxic blue-green algae.

The construction project, estimated to cost $5 million, is planned for 2015. The project qualifies for a $750,000 grant from USDA Rural Development, with the balance to be financed through a 38-year loan and/or bond. While the town has received preliminary approval of both the grant and financing, final approval depends on the results of archaeological test digs for artifacts in the project area. The heads of this construction project might want to look online at sites like varnerpipe.com to help them with their equipment.

“It is anticipated, but not certain, that the digs will come up negative and will be completed no later than August 1, 2014,” according to project information through the town’s website, http://www.canadice.org/.

Frank Hacknauer, who lives at a permanent residence on Bemis Point in the new district, said he is eager to go on public water.

“When I give my grandchildren water I want to make sure it’s clean,” said Hacknauer, who buys bottled water for drinking and also has what he called a “good purification system.” Though annual tests show his water is fine, he doesn’t want to take any chances particularly due to the algae. “You never know from one day to the next how it will change,” he said.

The water district will service residents along West Lake Road (County Road 36) from the Canadice-Richmond town line to the south end of Honeoye Lake, Old Honeoye West Lake Road and a number of private/shared access roads between County Road 36 and the Honeoye lake shore.

The estimated annual cost of the new district for a typical household will be $1,049. Hacknauer said it is a cost he doesn’t mind paying because after going on public water he won’t need his purification system – which costs about $600 annually – and he won’t have to buy bottled water. Hacknauer added he anticipates the water district boosting property values as well.

Singer said she is glad to see the project that has been in the pipeline since 2010 moving forward.

“There was a vote in 2011 and then many twists and turns in the road including a significant stall for a period of time, but we have been diligent to keep our eye on the end result: public water for those that need it,” she said. “When we began, it was more a desire by many residents that has now turned into a necessity due to the issues with Honeoye Lake.”

“Let’s hope the stars align for the goal of clean, safe water for those residents and their visitors to our area,” Singer added.


Julie Sherwood, mpnnow

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