Polaar harnesses Lapland heritage for new skincare treatment

Beauty brand Polaar, which uses polar arctic ingredients within its formulas, has introduced a new anti-ageing treatment, La Véritable Crème de Laponie (The Genuine Lapland Cream). 

The formula features polar berries, arctic rhodiola and an anti-oxidant algae. Each ingredient thrives in Lapland’s harsh… climate; Polaar has harnessed their ‘survival’ qualities to create a beauty balm said to shield, moisturise and nourish all skin types, including the most fragile/sensitive. 

Arctic raspberries are rich in the known anti-oxidants vitamins A, C and E, which scavenge free radicals. Artic rhodiola is used in traditional medicine to heal wounds and, Polaar claims, stimulates the DNA protection mechanisms. Algal phycosaccharides from Laminaria Digitata (also known as the happiness algae) are said to stimulate stem cell division to repair the skin. 

The 75ml cream is presented in striking red and white packaging, and retails domestically at around €27. It is suitable for use both as a day and night cream. 


Rebecca Mann, Moodie Report

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