Seaweed on Pensacola Beach

Seaweed is washing up on Pensacola Beach. It’s been there for several days. Over the weekend, a viewer posted this photo of the brown colored algae on our Facebook page to let us know how much had washed ashore…   

Now people are wondering when it will disappear. Channel Three’s Ricki Vann went to the beach to find out.

Ricki Vann/Reporting “Here is the brown colored algae called “Sargassum.” It was brought to this shoreline by strong winds from the south. We talked to some visiting Pensacola Beach and say they never expected it to look like this.”

The seaweed showed up about a week ago. The Baker family is visiting Pensacola Beach from Oklahoma. They’ve vacationed here for the last three summers. The mom, Kimberley, says they’ve never seen so much of it.

Kimberly Baker/Visiting Pensacola Beach “We came in the middle of June last year and it was nothing like this. It was clean. This is kind of filthy looking.” It’s not dirty and it’s not harmful, the  floating vegetation  is actually good for the island. It helps build up the coastline and creates habitat  for  marine  animals. But it is in the water and on the sand. And beachgoers say it’s hard to get around.

Whitney Shepherd/Visiting From Missouri “It doesn’t hurt. It kind of feels weird but it’s not too bad. It would be nice if it wasn’t here.”

“It’s thick and it makes it heavier and you know so if it wraps around their little legs and I would worry about it.”  “But I mean, we don’t go far in anyway…”

However some members from the missouri group are not afraid to swim in it. “They don’t like getting tangled up in it but that’s their choice, they are out their right?”

Ricki Vann/Reporting “Pensacola Beach Public Safety says once the wind and the water calm down the sand will cover the algae and build up the shoreline.



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