Beach reading — algae style

In Charles Bensinger’s new book, Radical Option, humanity, as well as nature itself, is faced with an impending crisis, as average temperatures on the planet climb to the point of mass migration and potential extinction. Sound familiar?… Yes, it’s science not-so-fiction where climate change is the point of departure for a story that envisions a future where mankind must adapt, radically, to survive.

And how does that adaptation occur? Well, algae… play a major role, but probably not how you might imagine. In this case, humans consider the act of photosynthesizing as a characteristic that just might save the world, as people explore the concept of creating their own food in much the way that plant life does.

The protagonist, Catherine, is a biologist who studies animal behavior in the wilds of New Mexico and Colorado. While tracking the unnatural migratory activity of fauna, an unusual communication pattern emerges, suggesting that animals have grasped a trend that humanity does not yet fully comprehend. Putting the clues together leads her on a perilous journey of evolutionary potential fraught with deadly competitive science and technology.

This cautionary tale introduces a radical option for the survival of the human species, as today’s indicators of change play themselves out to a frightening predicament of tomorrow. Bensinger’s adventure rings true to a point where fact and fiction become hard to distinguish, resulting in a believable, yet chilling near future scenario.

This is a book to enjoy casually, though its message will haunt and fascinate. Check it out, along with some of his related thinking, at:


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