All-natural “Spirulina pig” cultivated in a farm in Penang

[Malaysia] Sieh Seng Sdn Bhd, a swine farm in Penang, Malaysia, has shown that the use of natural feed ingredients, Spirulina in their swine feed boosted the immune system of the animals, and significantly reduced the use of antibiotics.

Spirulina consists of natural nutritional ingredients such as gamma linolenic acid (GLA) and phycocyanin (PC), which produce significant impact on animal productivity and health. GLA, commonly found in Spirulina and oil seeds, is a precursor of some important hormones and immune regulators, which allows the animal to synthesize their own natural hormones such as growth hormones, at the same time boosting their immunity. 

PC is a phycobiliprotein that has been recently reported to exhibit a variety of pharmacological properties. In this regard, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and hepatoprotective effects.

In a 2-years on-site observation, Tan, the owner of the swine farm told the reporter that their pigs fed with Spirulina supplemented feed has a higher birth rate and lower mortality rate when compared to those non-supplemented group. The observation was done based on a group of over 80 animals in the farm, including brood sows and young pigs. 

When Tan was asked if using Spirulina as feed supplement has a higher cost, Tan said that the cost is definitely higher. 

“This specially treated animals are sold at a higher price compared to those untreated animals.” said Tan. “And we use all-natural ingredients to feed the pigs, assuring our customers that the animals are not injected with growth hormones or antibiotics.”

“My family eats this pork as well. Many pig farmers don’t eat what they grow because they know what is in it.” said Tan.

According to Tan, vaccination is still necessary to prevent the spread of certain infectious diseases. 

Other than a better growth profile, Tan also stressed that the color texture of the pork from the pigs fed with Spirulina is improved and taste better as well. Those who bought the Spirulina pork are mainly from local restaurants owners and folks from the neighborhood.

“You can’t get this Spirulina pig elsewhere. New customers will need to place order at least 3 months in advance.” said Tan.

The farm does not sell the pork directly to customers due to government regulations. Appointed slaughterhouse separates the Spirulina pigs from the others, and eventually the pork is delivered to the customers.

Tan is planning to create his own branding of Spirulina pig and to establish his “organic” and “healthy” Spirulina pork trademark in the market.

For more information about the Spirulina pork, kindly contact: [email protected] or call +6012 – 4233728 (MY).

For more information about the Spirulina feed supplement, kindly contact: [email protected] or call +6012-7131681 (MY).


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