New legislation help St Johns river with research

ACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The St. Johns river runs through the heart of the river city. “The St Johns river is so refreshing,” said Lisa Rinaman.

But, St Johns river keeper Lisa Rinaman said several algae bloom sightings have been reported in as recently as spring of this year…

“There’s forms of algae that is highly toxic to wildlife and humans so that’s why you see us looking at it very closely,” said Rinaman.

President Obama signed a bill authorizing $82 million for new research aimed at controlling toxic algae outbreaks.

Though it’s a nationwide effort, Rinaman said currently the bill focuses more on the Indian River Lagoon, which is farther south near Vero Beach, Florida.

She said the river system collapsed due to too much nutrient pollution, which she said is something the St. Johns has as well.

“There could be research that comes out of that study that can help us clean up the St. Johns as well.

Jacksonville city councilman, Bill Gulliford said the river is a vital resource, but needs work.

“Certainly we’ve had some significantly algae blooms on record that we need to look at what the real cause is,” said Gulliford.

But Rinaman said she’s not sure if some of the solutions to fix algae bloom for the Indian Lagoon River will benefit or have a negative impact on the St Johns river. But she said she’s thankful researchers are taking a look.

Rinaman said if people see green or brown algae in the water to report to the St. Johns riverkeeper and not go near it.


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