Potentially harmful algae blooms found at several Kentucky lakes

BRECKINRIDGE COUNTY, KY (WAVE) – Potentially harmful algae blooms were found in several Kentucky lakes this month.

The Kentucky Division of Water and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers confirm that the presence of potentially toxic blooms… of blue algae were discovered in several lakes in Kentucky, including Rough River, Nolin, Taylorsville, and Barren River lakes. The lakes remain open to the public and visitors should be aware of potential health risks, but officials urge there is no need to cancel any upcoming lake trips.

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The water poses a moderate threat to swimmers with risks like eye or skin irritation, nausea and flu-like symptoms. Health officials caution to avoid drinking the water or ingesting while swimming and take a shower after being at the lake. The real danger involves pets. It’s a good idea to keep animals away from the lakes because they could become poisoned by the toxins produced by some algae blooms. People we talked to say they are paying attention to the levels, but not overly concerned.

State and federal officials will continue to monitor any potential blooms.

For more information about swimming advisories click here.


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