[CN] “Blue soup” served on your table: Phycocyanin and Spirulina supplemented cold Soba noodles

A Japanese restaurant “Bum Bun Blau Cafe with Bee Hive” at Shinagawa, Tokyo, is now promoting a signature dish – green soba noodle with blue soup. According to the restaurant owner, this is one of the most famous and popular dish in their restaurant, and it is well known for… its superb nutritional value and color appearance.

The algae added to the noodle is well known as Spirulina, with the soup added with Spirulina’s natural blue pigment known as phycocyanin.

Each bowl of Soba is sold at the price of $ 850 yen.

View original article at: 日本推出“超級冷面”:綠面配藍湯營養足

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