Toxic Algae is Blooming this Summer

Pond and lake weed control products and services provider, Lake Restoration of Rogers, MN today announced that algae season is in full bloom. With summer temperatures rising, the algae blooms are growing fast and some of them can even be deadly…

Algae is commonly referred to as Seaweed, Pond Scum, or Pond Moss and can be found in almost any habitat on earth as long as moisture is there at some time, even if that time is very short. Depending on the algae, water can often become unsuitable for fish, swimming, and other animals. There are many groups of algae, but it is mostly divided into two different physical categories: Filamentous Algae and Planktonic Algae.

Filamentous algae may seem like long stringy hairs, cotton-like in appearance. Filamentous algae can form thick, greenish looking mats on the water’s surface. Planktonic algae can appear as a paint-like scum on top of the water’s surface. The water column turns green, blue-green, or variations throughout and is often described as “pea soup.”

“With all of the rain that we have been receiving here in MN, the nutrient levels in ponds and lakes are climbing due to the run off of chemicals and fertilizers. We are seeing a lot of algal blooms this summer,” says Chad Hadler, Service Operations Manager at Lake Restoration. “If you are going to be in the water, be on the look-out for blue-green algae.”

Cyanobacteria, also known as Blue-Green Algae, which contain harmful bacteria, can be dangerous to pets and humans. The scum can often smell like sewage or manure. Not all blue-green algae is toxic. Lake Restoration recommends using Mizzen® algaecide to combat algae blooms to keep scum levels under control and prevent toxic algae from forming. Also, there are some products available that will slow the regrowth of algae. Pond control products such as SparKlear® and PhosControl® will reduce the nutrients available to the algae. Both of these products and Mizzen® are available in the PONDRestore® Ultra kit from Lake Restoration. If you or your pets have come in contact with water that has an algae bloom, Lake Restoration recommends thoroughly washing with clean water and then contacting your health care provider if you begin to experience any symptoms.

Mizzen® is a chelated copper based algaecide and may be used in many types of water bodies, including ponds, lakes or water features. It is manufactured by Lake Restoration and is available in four convenient sizes. The treatment of 2,500 square feet of surface area costs $14.75, 5,000 square feet $18.95, 10,000 square feet $24.00 and approximately half an acre $29.90. For ongoing algae management or for larger bodies of water, Mizzen® is available at a special gallon rate.

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