World’s largest underwater theme park to open in Dubai

Plans are moving forward to build the largest underwater tourism attraction in the world in Dubai: the theme park is set to include scuba diving and snorkeling in a space modeled after the mythical Lost City of Atlantis… If this sounds like something you could enjoy, as well as your family, find the Best Dubai Hotels for you to stay in and have the potential to have a once in a lifetime vacation. If you’re staying in Dubai and are anticipating visiting this brand new water park, you may want to have someone to drive you there and back. Care driver dubai promises a safe drive back home in Dubai. This would be of use to you if you’re not willing to drive yourself and need a way of getting around.

To be developed by the same outfit that has designed sets for blockbuster movies like “Avatar” and “Pirates of the Caribbean,” the Pearl of Dubai is being billed as the largest sustainable underwater tourism site as it will stretch across five acres off the city coast, reported

Los Angeles-based underwater developer Reef Worlds made the official announcement last week.

World's largest underwater theme park to open in Dubai
World’s largest underwater theme park to open in Dubai

The underwater attraction will be designed to excite the imagination with submerged ruins and references to a mythical, sunken empire.

The artificial reef, to be built in shallow waters of The World islands, will also aim to foster marine life with colonies of algae and soft corals, reported The National earlier this year when plans were still afoot.

The World is an artificial archipelago of small islands constructed to resemble a world map in Dubai.

Reef Worlds also has its eye on developing the waterfront in the Philippines.

A completion date has yet to be announced.

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