Algae Asia News Affiliates with the National Algae Association to Promote Algae Industry Activities

Algae Asia News (AAN) has become affiliated with the National Algae Association (NAA) of the USA to promote the good use of algal biotechnology in commercial algae production activities around the world…


Despite the fact that the USA is spearheading many algae research projects around the globe, it is noteworthy that there are many partnerships with companies in other countries to use the technologies developed in the US.

Politicians and funders asking for results have been told either that the project did not reach completion (even though fully-funded in many instances) or that more research is needed .

Due to funding cuts and the failure of over three-quarters of the already-funded research projects in the US, many commercially-minded algae researchers have been collaborating with algae producers, equipment companies and investors in privately building the algae production industry.

On the other hand, in order to secure funding, researchers often presents over-realistic prospect. “In the past, we have witnessed those who promised a 30-300% ROI on their spreadsheet to simply get the cash in because this is the hype, attracting investors and funders into paying millions for a system that hardly achieves. ” said Kian Wee Tian, the founder of AAN.

“A pre-commercialization trial is always mistakenly perceived as a commercial project. At the end of the day, the politicians, investors, and funders are just paying them to conduct research to find out that it will never be feasible in reality.”

Eventually, people who do the real work and start-ups who produce useful algae products are affected because no one believes what they have achieved anymore.

And we are here to provide a platform for these people to demonstrate their genuine work.


The relationship between AAN and NAA aims to identify and assist in verifying credible genuine research that (i) can work outside the lab and (ii) are scalable, providing a trustworthy platform to commercialize algae research projects.

“We are only focused on commercial algae production. That is why NAA exists. We are involved in commercial algae production throughout the world… in order for any algae technology to have value to the algae production industry it must be able to scale-up outside the lab and be proven in commercial algae production.” said Barry Cohen, the founder of NAA.

As part of a free media, AAN plays its role in assisting the propagation of genuine work of algae researchers and entrepreneurs, spreading the success stories of commercialization projects with proven algae technologies around the world.

“I appreciate what NAA has achieved, and I would like to provide a platform for NAA recommended, creditable start-up companies to promote their algae products during their difficult moments.” said Tian.

The NAA is the first non-profit algae production trade association in the world, while the AAN is the world’s most comprehensive algae biotechnology and industry news website.


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