Algae to replace fuel, palm oil, butter and eggs

(TRFW News) When most people think of algae, it’s mostly an image of green gooey stuff growing in wet places. But, those in the health community, and especially the raw food and vegan community love algae as a superfood… Spirulina, chlorella and blue-green algae have found their way into our hearts via chocolate, smoothies, desserts, salads and protein mixes.

These superfoods put algae on the map and thank goodness. Among the many benefits of algae, we can enjoy its high protein and chlorophyll content, essential fatty acids, brain boosting power, and its massive spectrum of vitamin and minerals we need. With news of algae being used as a replacement for fuel, butter and eggs and even palm oil, we now have even more reason to love algae!

Butter and eggs

The company, Solazyme, has come out with an algae flour which can be used  to substitute eggs and butter in baking. They claim that the algae flour is actually an improvement in taste and texture in baked goods. This is great news for vegans and anyone who simply wants to makes their baking a little healthier. This flour not only displaces ingredients that are high calorie and involve animals, but it actually adds nutrition!

In addition, algae can also be used as a replacement for palm oil, which is used in a variety of products including cosmetics and food.

Fuel & Palm Oil

Scientists have figured out a way to turn algae into fuel, in under an hour. It’s still being determined whether this could truly replace petroleum fuels or how far reaching the benefits would be.

Scientists say “estimates compare algae to oil and find that algae can produce from seven to 31 times the fuel than the next best crop that has been planted to power the planet – palm oil.”

Palm oil is not a sustainable source and we’ve seen devastating effects of this industry on rain forests and the animal life that inhabits them. It appears that working with algae may have that positive impact we need to turn things around.


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