City closes upper reservoir due to algae bloom

City officials have closed the upper reservoir at Veterans Memorial Lake Park after a potentially harmful algae bloom was discovered there Monday.

“City of Norwalk water plant personnel today detected a possible harmful algae bloom in upper reservoir,” said Josh…
Snyder, public works director.

“Upper reservoir has been isolated from memorial and lower reservoirs. There are not similar blooms in the other reservoirs. The city’s drinking water is produced from water in lower reservoir. The drinking water is unaffected by the bloom in upper reservoir,” he added.

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“The algae in upper reservoir is capable of producing toxins harmful to human and pets, although the algae produce toxins in all portions of its life cycle. Tests for toxins are under way, and results should be available by tomorrow (Tuesday),” Snyder said.

“As a precaution, no boats are being allowed in upper reservoir. Humans and pets should not have any contact with the water in upper reservoir. Most importantly, pets should not be allowed to drink from upper reservoir,” he added.

The city of Toledo recently dealt with a similar algae bloom problem.

“It looks like the blue-green algae that occurred in the Toledo area,” Snyder said.

“It is just in the upper reservoir, not in lower and memorial,” he added.

Snyder said the city uses chemicals to treat algae in the lower reservoir and will ask for advice from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency if similar chemicals should be used to treat the algae in the upper reservoir.

“We typically don’t treat the upper reservoir,” Snyder said


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