Dead fish pulled from Dagenham lake after algal bloom

Pumps have been set up by anglers at The Chase nature reserve in Eastbrookend Country Park to counter an algal bloom which has killed 25 large fish. The deaths are the latest in a series of incidents at the park, which had 60 tonnes of rubbish dumped there by fly-tippers two weeks ago…

Andy Kitching, who fishes at the lake, said the algae were pushed to the bottom of the lake by recent storms.

When the algae die they decay, turning the water green. The decaying process reduces the availability of dissolved oxygen for fish.

Fishermen are running generators to pump oxygen into the lake, and some are camping in tents to keep an eye on them.

Mr Kitching said: “Most of us fishermen, we love our fish. We put them on big cushioned mats when we take them out.

“Pulling out 30 or 40 dead fish like this was like burying your dreams, because you always dream of catching a fish that big.”

Eastbrookend Country Park has fallen prey to vandalism and fly-tipping since 2012, when the council cut its team of park rangers from seven to one.

Fencing has been replaced to protect the park’s rare birds, but Mr Kitching has called for a full-time generator to pump oxygen into the lake all year round.

Barking and Dagenham Council said it was working with the Environment Agency and the angling association, which it said holds the licence for the waters and bears responsibility for the water and fish.

A spokesman said: “We have been working with the BARDAG Angling Association throughout this period including trying to source additional oxygen units.

“The immediate situation is now under control and we are working together to look at long-term solutions.”

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