A detailed overview of EnAlgae pilots in Northwest Europe narrated by its creators

[EU] We would like to welcome you to our EnAlgae Pilot Symposium on the 18th of September 2014. In the morning, participants will be able to visit the algae pilot reactor of UGent, CampusKortrijk, located at the production site of Alpro, a Flemish award-winning company that produces plant-based foods and drinks.

In the afternoon, results on the technical, LCA and economic potential of EnAlgae micro-algae and seaweed pilot plant facilities will be presented by the project partners. Moreover, the EnAlgae Decision Support Tool will be introduced. This is followed by talks by a Belgian spirulina producer and Belgian industrial player in innovative seaweed production. Extensive networking opportunities will precede and conclude the presentations.

The EnAlgae project has received European Regional Development Funding through INTERREG IVB NWE, the Flemish Government and Province West-Flanders. This project is led by Swansea University from Wales.

Energetic Algae (EnAlgae) is a ground-breaking project which is fully devoted towards pioneering research for the cultivation of algae – both microalgae and seaweed – with a main focus on energy production from algae biomass. The project also acts as a hatchery for other sustainable algae potential projects such as wastewater mitigation, production of alginates and incorporation of algae derivatives in daily products.

Algae have in recent years mesmerised the scientific and industrial world through its beneficial green charactistics that could offer a significant contribution to a modern, green and sustainable future. To truly reveal the potential of industrial algal technology, studies needs to be performed on outdoor pilot scale. Within the EnAlgae project, 3 seaweed pilot facilities and 6 microalgae pilot facilities are currently being operated in Northwest Europe.

Visit the alpro microalgae pilot plant and wastewater management at Alpro

The EnAlgae pilot reactor of Ghent University, Campus Kortrijk, is the first facility of its kind in Northwest Europe. Ghent University, Campus Kortrijk, together with the Belgian SMEs Bebouwen & Bewaren nv and CATAEL bvba has specifically developed a mobile pilot reactor to treat waste water at different company sites. Currently, in this 25m² pond, microalgal bacterial flocs (MaB-flocs) treat wastewater produced by Alpro, a company in Province West-Flanders producing plant-based food and beverages.

In close proximity to this pilot, the conventional wastewater treatment used by Alpro will also be visited. This includes an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor (UASB), a conventional activated sludge system and a sand filter. The UASB reactor recovers energy from the wastewater to produce biogas wich is burnt in a combined heat and power system.


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