First batch of Haematococcus pluvialis produced in Yun-Nan, China

A biotechnology company in Lu-Quan Agriculture park, located in the city of Kun-Ming, China has started to harvest its first batch of Haematococcus pluvialis recently.

The construction of the Haematococcus production plant cost… about USD $8.14 million dollar,  occupying 87,000 square meter of land, is believed to be the second largest Haematococcus production factility in Asia region.

Currently, the yearly production of Haematococcus is projected to be 30 tons of dried biomass. From the biomass, it was estimated that about 1 ton of astaxanthin could be extracted, which has a market value of USD $ 7.8 million dollar.  This would bring in USD 50,000 dollar of tax income to the government, and generating 130 jobs in the city.


View original article at: 农业园区雨生红球藻规模化养殖与开发项目第一批产品喜获丰收

 Translated by ALGAE ASIA NEWS


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