Latest heart health studies look at oils, vitamins, algae, polyphenols

Rising rates of cardiovascular disease was once the heart of the matter when identifying what was going on with Western diets and the risk posed by modern lifestyles. The specter of dying younger than one ought from a heart…
attack has receded some in recent years, but that doesn’t mean researchers have stopped looking at ways to reduce the risk, especially in the realm of dietary supplement ingredients.

Oils in particular have shown benefits in recent studies. A study conducted in Manitoba showed that DHA-rich canola oil boosted HDL cholestrol, lowered trigylcerides and lowered blood pressure when compared to other plant oils.

Another recent study looking at lipids compared omega-3 supplements and how effective they are at the manufacturer’s suggested doses. The study, conducted by NutraSource Diagnostics, Inc., found wide variancies in theoretical

Today’s special edition also rounds up other recent news on the cardiovascular health front, such as the effort made by researchers to debunk the link between calcium supplementation and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Other recent research in the sector has looked at the cardiovascular health benefits of chlorella supplements, vitamin D, natto extract and blueberry powder.


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