Make Your Own Seaweed Fertilizer

Seaweed biomass consists of over 100 types of nutrients that are essential to plant growth. The use of seaweed as fertilizer has been practicing since hundreds of years ago. In this video, the author teaches us how to make our… own seaweed fertilizer with few simple steps:

  1. Before harvesting seaweed, make sure you check your local laws. Some places it is illegal, some place you can only harvest a certain amount, and some places you need a license to harvest. Make sure you follow all laws regarding the collection of seaweed.
  2. Fill up the bucket about half way with seaweed. Then fill up the rest of the way with water.
  3. Cover the bucket loosely and let it sit for about a week.
  4. Pour off the water and use it on the plants. Give the plants about 1 cup every week of seaweed tea.
  5. When the wtaer is gone from the bucket, fill it again and start the process over.
  6. Do it all summer long. In the fall, discard what is left into the compost. One bucket full is enough seaweed tea for about 10-15 large plants.


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