Microalgae as a feedstock for succinic acid production

This is an incubator for growing micro-algae. Just a little bit of carbon dioxide and light, the algae grows instantly.

Researchers then add genetically modified bacteria inside the incubator… It will disintegrate microalgae and turn it into sugar and succinic acid, the main ingredient for making plastic.

The unit price of succinic acid is expensive since it’s extracted from corn and trees and the manufacturing process is complicated. But with this new method developed by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, mass production may be possible, with easily attained micro-algae.

“The cells of microalgae grow through factory exhausts full of carbon dioxide.”

The institute says it’s the first time ever in the world that successful development of technology has produced such an environment-friendly method to produce plastic. This amid global fears of climate change and a depletion of fossil fuel energy sources.

View original article at: Korean researchers successfully make plastic through bacteria

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