New industrial partnership to develop photobioreactor technology

Heliae, SCHOTT North America and Arizona State University (ASU) have announced a partnership to bring Heliae’s algae production technology to ASU’s algae testbed facility. Through the partnership, SCHOTT financed a HelixTM photobioreactor… built by Heliae and installed at ASU’s Department of Energy (DOE)-funded algae testbed facility on its Polytechnic campus.

Over the next several years, algae research staff at ASU will leverage the HelixTM photobioreactor for research to forward the understanding of algae production technology, including an investigation into the effect of glass tubing innovations on the yields and economics of algae production. The reactor will also deliver the production of high-quality algae cultures, which will support broader ASU algae operations.

The DOE-sponsored testbed at ASU is part of the Algae Testbed Public-Private Partnership (ATP3), a network of algae industry leaders, national labs, and research facilities. Led by ASU, ATP3 enables both researchers and third party companies to succeed in their algal endeavors by providing a national network of testbed systems and other services, such as research and education. Heliae, a technology-driven algae production company, designed, built and installed the HelixTM inoculum reactor late in 2013. Over the course of the multi-year research plan, ASU will manage Helix™ operations and research, while Heliae and SCHOTT will support the project in an advisory capacity.


Photo caption: Research technician in the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation (AzCATI), David Cardello, with student worker Mariah Patton. Credit: John McGowen

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