Shake-up at the top for Heliae to accelerate algae commercialization projects

Gilbert, Arizona-based Heliae, a leader in the development of advanced algae production technologies, has announced senior leadership team changes as the company moves into the next phase of technical development and commercialization. J. Craig Johnson, who has served as Heliae’s chief… financial officer for over three years, has been appointed interim chief executive officer, effective immediately. Mr. Johnson takes over from Dan Simon, who will be moving into an advisory role at the company. In addition, earlier this month, Adrian Galvez, chief operating officer, stepped down to focus on other professional opportunities.

In the last year, Heliae established its first commercial facility in Gilbert, Arizona, which employs algae biologists, biochemists and a collection of engineering talent. The company has also expanded its global footprint through a joint venture in Japan to develop a commercial algae production facility in that country to produce nutraceutical products from algae. As the company moves towards its next phase of technical development and commercialization, Heliae will deploy resources to execute in other technical and commercial areas, including agroscience and advanced animal nutrition markets.

“As we mapped out the company’s next few years, it was time to reallocate resources and start organizing the company for its next set of challenges,” said Craig Johnson, CEO of Heliae. “This next year will bring greater technical focus and scale and I’m eager to continue the momentum we’ve built since I joined the company over three years ago. We have far more demand for Heliae’s algal products than we produce today, so we are confident in our efforts to accelerate the commercialization of these additional production platforms.”

“This is an exciting time at Heliae. With each production run, we continue to refine our technical parameters. Algae production is not easy, but we are eager to enter this next phase and support the momentum that has been built over the last few years,” said Frank Mars, co-founder and executive chairman of the Board of Heliae. “We appreciate Dan’s contribution to the company in bringing the technology from concept to reality, and assembling a dedicated and experienced leadership team to realize our vision. We now look to our technical and commercial teams, led by Craig, to hit the next set of milestones on the path to commercialization and scale.”


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