Spirulina Makers Offer Sexy Superfood Solution to the Miracle Plant

Spirulina is an algae superfood rich in nutritional, nourishing vitamins and minerals, protein, potassium, and calcium (among many others). Part of the cyanobacteria family, the super plant has been known to prevent colds, reinforce immune systems, protect…from cancer and control things like high blood pressure (again, among many others); it’s also a superfood many people haven’t heard of.

Spirulina under microscope

Traditionally grown in small ponds and lakes, spirulina springs from warm, fresh-water bodies, with a look mirroring pond scum. Harvesting and processing fresh algae is not necessarily hard, but it’s also not an easy task – as those who wish to go through the undertaking on a small scale must purchase tubes, tanks, kits and things like special filters and ingredients to make growing fresh functional.

Drying spirulina into a powder form makes the plant lose a lot of its nutritional properties, therefore making the algae fresh is the optimal way to consume. “Comparing fresh Spirulina to dried Spirulina, is like comparing fresh strawberry to strawberry powder,” according to Tom Vered of Grow Spirulina.


Creating a method of home-growing Spirulina easily in-home, and perhaps more importantly, aesthetically sexy with a beautiful design, Grow Spirulina’s home growing machine contains 10 liters of fresh spirulina. In addition, it comes with a specially designed glass – so with the push of a button, the filtered dense nutritional value of the superfood is available without having a massive fish-like tank in your living room.


In thinking about lowering the barrier to the superfood, though it might not be ideal to have a machine producing algae in your kitchen, when comparing a Spirulina machine to a coffee machine, one could pose the question as to whether they’d rather have something that produces caffeine, or hundreds of vitamins and proteins into their daily dietary intake.

Spirulina has very high micro-nutrient content and can be cheap to produce locally in large quantities, which therefore makes it a realistic and sustainable solution to world issues like malnutrition.

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