Aquaculture roundtable assesses importance of algae

As aqua production increases in Asia, it will become increasingly important to reduce or eliminate wild fish as a feed source. Algae, for example, are an excellent source of DHA omega-3… fatty acid, and thus algae may help the aquaculture industry find true sustainability, according to experts at the Aquaculture Roundtable Series event organized by Aquaculture Asia Pacific magazine, in Phuket, Thailand, recently.

Scientists from global feed manufacturer Alltech discussed the unique opportunities that farming the sea can bring to Asian producers during the Alltech Aquaculture Dinner Meeting during the event. According to the company’s annual “Global Feed Tonnage Survey,” the world’s aqua feed production was the fastest growing sector in global agriculture.

“Looking at global livestock species, aqua saw the largest percentage of growth in 2013, with a 17 percent increase, up to 34 million metric tons, of which 31 million is produced here in Asia. However, there are several major challenges such as scarcity in land and freshwater, the dramatic decline of wild catch fish, and the limited availability of key aqua feed ingredients such as fish meal or fish oil, that we producers need to find effective solutions urgently,” said Henry Wong, aquaculture sales manager, Alltech Southeast Asia.

“Alltech’s unique solutions for Asian aquaculture include offering cutting-edge nutritional technologies such as the use of algae tailored to address challenges impacting modern aquaculture production and profitability,” Wong added.


Reprinted with permission from Algae Industry Magazine

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