AstaReal Inc. ~ AstaREAL HBA

BURLINGTON, N.J.—AstaReal Inc. released its AstaREAL® HBA, an enhanced bio-available form of natural astaxanthin, which is a water-soluble and designed for ready-to-drink delivery systems, as well as the more traditional form of liquid capsules.

AstaReal Inc. is a biotech company within the Fuji Group, exclusively dedicated to the production, research and marketing of natural astaxanthin from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis.  AstaREAL is the only astaxanthin that has gone through the successful notification process for generally recognized as safe (GRAS) certification with the FDA.

As the parent company of AstaReal, Fuji has been, for more than ten years, the world leader in astaxanthin research. To date, there have been 103 published studies on AstaReal astaxanthin that researches health areas such as cardiovascular, skin, eye, muscle, liver function and metabolic conditions.


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