Breizh algae tour attracts 500

he third edition of the Breizh Algae Tour was held in Nantes, France, in mid-September, under the title “Algae and Nutrition: a new approach to health.” During a morning of scientific presentations attended by more than 500 people, the impact of algae on our immune systems was presented in detail. During the afternoon, workshops in Plant Care, Animal Care and Human Care demonstrated the latest Olmix applications for improved health.

Workshops included:

  • Algae to reduce pesticide use
  • Algae to reduce antibiotic use
  • Algae for immunology
  • Algae to fight mycotoxins
  • Algae for aquaculture, and
  • Algae to boost enzyme activity.

Business opportunities were also discussed to grow the Breizh Algae concept in France. The aim of Breizh Algae is to structure and develop the economy of algae in the Grand-Ouest of France. Olmix, a major stakeholder of the Breizh Algae concept, chose marine algae as a major focus because the sea is rich in all the essential elements of life present on the planet, and algae is its most versatile resource.

As a consequence, Olmix is working on finding alternatives to reduce the use of antibiotic and pesticide use, for immunology, to fight mycotoxins, for aquaculture and to boost enzyme activity.

Other presentations from the conference are available on the Breizh Algae website.


Photo caption: More than 500 people attended the third Breizh Algae Tour.

Reprinted with permission from Algae Industry Magazine

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