New Active Ingredient Patent Means Mixotrophic Process Validated

LIBOURNE, FRANCE–(Marketwired – Sep 10, 2014) –  Fermentalg (EURONEXT PARIS: FALG), an industrial biotechnology company that specializes in the production of oils and proteins from microalgae, has announced that it has been awarded a new active ingredient patent to protect its state-of-the-art technology (breeding of microalgae in a predominantly heterotrophic mixotrophic environment). This patent further consolidates Fermentalg’s position as the world’s technological leader in the industrial exploitation of microalgae.

Research has proved that a vast number of species of microalgae are mixotrophic, which means that they can survive both through photosynthesis (autotrophic) and through fermentation using organic compounds (heterotrophic).

Fermentalg has also proved that the breeding of microalgae species can be optimized by introducing short bursts of light to traditional heterotrophic farming that uses fermentation techniques. The intensity of the lighting has a direct effect on the quantity and quality of the microalgae bred in a mixotrophic environment to improve their economic performance but also increase the range of products covered.

The new active ingredient patent filed by Fermentalg, which was awarded by the French Patent Office (INPI) and is being progressively rolled out in various key countries, covers the process for breeding mixotrophic single-cell algae using short bursts of light and adds yet another building block to the Group’s extensive portfolio of intellectual rights that already includes 25 families of patents.

According to Pierre Calleja, Founder and Chairman and CEO of Fermentalg: “This is yet another major recognition for the excellence of our work as scientists and above all a formidable barrier-to-entry which enables us to consolidate our position as an industry leader on a global scale. Fermentalg is currently the only company capable of fully mastering today’s cutting-edge technology for breeding microalgae on an industrial scale.”


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