Soymega: Soyabean with algae gene to produce Omega 3

US biotech firm Monsanto is now trying to connect with consumers of food products with its latest offerings in pipeline.

The St Louis-based firm is now looking at introducing soyabeans that are rich in Omega 3 and have lower transfatty acid.

“We are in the final phase of getting regulatory approval to these two new products and hope to get it completed in 12-18 months,” said Robert T Fraley, Executive Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer, Monsanto Company.

The bean which will be rich in Omega 3 has been branded as Soymega. Omega 3 is a fatty acid found in fish, some seeds and nuts.

These acids are required for better functioning of the body and provide health benefits such as reducing risk of heart disease.

Fraley said the Omega 3 gene for Soyamega has been derived from an algae. The other soyabean product will be free of trans fatty acid and has been named Vistive Gold.

It has got a health profile like olive oil, according to Fraley. One product in the pipeline and of interest to India could be wheat which is resistant to weeds, pests and is tolerant to drought.

Monsanto is in the final phase of development of Bolgard III cotton and it could be launched commercially in 2016.

This cotton trait will have resistance to pests such as boll worm, pink worm and army worm.


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