AlgaeBiotech S.L. puts astaxanthin into personal care

With their new CO₂ processing-platform called AstaCos, AlgaeBiotech can produce waxy particles of only 50-100 µm in size with a loading of 25% astaxanthin oleoresin. The micronized powder is made from 100% natural substances and protects astaxanthin from oxidation. With this new capability, AlgaeBiotech expands its service-line of product development for the personal care industry.

Astaxanthin is an increasingly popular ingredient for personal care products. With its superior anti-oxidant power, formulators are looking for ways to use oleoresins rich in astaxanthin in their creams, serums and other high-end personal care applications. However, the highly viscous resins are not easy to handle, and turn creams into a deep red. Most importantly, astaxanthin quickly degrades when exposed to oxygen, leaving no efficacy after production, let alone after usage of the product.

By microencapsulating the astaxanthin in natural waxes, formulation becomes much easier. The free flowing powder is easily miscible, the red color is contained within the encapsulates, and the waxes protect astaxanthin from oxidation. When applied, the waxy microencapsulates melt and astaxanthin is released into the skin, with its full anti-oxidant power retained.

AlgaeBiotech’s CTO Reza Ranjbar explains: “AstaCos allows us to co-develop the latest lines of natural, microalgae based, and highly effective personal care ingredients together with our clients. Formulators can quickly respond to major trends such as protection against UV induced aging, skin lightening, and targeted anti-aging serums.”

AstaCos is the result of a strategic partnership with FeyeCon Carbon Dioxide Technologies B.V., the CO₂ technology innovators. Their Escenta platform was the basis for AstaCos. (

To further showcase the potential of AstaCos, AlgaeBiotech conducts clinical trials to support the notion that the micronized waxy particles may enhance the skin penetration of astaxanthin.


Photo caption: The microencapsulated astaxanthin that AlgaeBiotech uses for the cream

Reprinted with permission by Algae Industry Magazine

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