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Everyday, ALGAE WORLD NEWS collects news around the world which are related to the algae industry, categorizes the news, and presents the news on ALGAE WORLD NEWS platform. We strive to upgrade our service for our readers, including writing our own news (in fact sometimes we do), with the aim to spread the latest algae news and information to the industry, reaching some of the region in the world where reliable information is not freely available.

What you can do: 
Share with your friends about ALGAE WORLD NEWS website. Together with your kind sharing, we will be able to:

  1. to continue to propagate the good use of algae biotechnology around the world,
  2. to create public awareness on the impact of algae industry to our economy and society,
  3. to attract more investment for novel algae research and commercialization activities.

Besides promoting and spreading the news of the research outcome, product and services of the algae industry, ALGAE WORLD NEWS serves the algae industry in a unique way.

There is one important element that ALGAE WORLD NEWS is spreading – the inspiration given to the creative minds of young people and new comers of the industry who potentially invent and create invaluable ideas in different parts of the world .  

We would also like to share with you the messages that we received from our readers to show you how we have been inspiring our readers:

Testimonials from algae industry related readers:

  • I had a quick look at the ALGAE NEWS platform and it is, indeed, very interesting. I am happy to visit more frequently so that I can remain current with the many developments underway in the algae industry. – Lynn, Manager.
  • I really appreciate to know about the news site, I hope we find great outcomes from this. – Luke, Microbiologist.
  • Yes, your website news and information is helpful in my career and future it will help even my friends. – Sunil, Assistant Prof.
  • Thank you for your leadership role in publishing algae news, which I am finding to be very informative and useful. I will do what I can to help promote Algae Asia. – Gerald, President/Founder.
  • It is useful. I strongly recommend it for our colleagues and make sure they read about your website. They need to do more readings. – Haydar, Director.
  • As a suggestion, you might want to consider a focus for the site. Solutions to China’s environmental problems using worldwide technology. – Robert, Founder/Entrepreneur.
  • I appreciate your work very much on the It  is indeed a very good website with a lot of good information. Thank you. – Harshith, Managing Director.
  • I see your effort and passion.. this website is a wonderful artwork. Easy to read and neatly organized. Keep it up. – Scott, Researcher.
  • Impressive site you’ve put together. Look forward to working together to grow the algae industry. – Matthew, Executive Director.
  • I thought I knew everything about algae and obviously I was wrong after I read through all the news of algae on your website. – Suresh, Phd.

Testimonials from non-algae industry related readers:

  • This is an eye-opener. I never think that algae have so much impact on us. – Susan, teacher.
  • I’m a sophomore and I’m planning what to do for my research, your website gives me lots of idea now. – Sebastian, undergrad. student.
  • I don’t understand most of the science and technology but I’d love to know the algae (Spirulina) ingredient and sources. I thought ***** is the only factory in the USA producing Spirulina and apparently I was wrong. – Amy, housewife.
  • I find it very inspiring and now I’m planning to do some backyard algae growing. Thank you for your information – Rebecca, retired engineer.
  • It is indeed informative and “overwhelm”. I’d love to catch up with the biofuel development. Our oil reserve is declining and we need to do something for our future and our kids – Francesca, Engineer.
  • Thank you, but too scientific. I’m from cosmetic industry and our customers would not be interested to know about the details of these fancy science. – Nancy, marketing director of cosmetic company.
  • I visit your site almost everyday. Very interesting and I learn a lot. – Lee, undisclosed.
  • I follow your blog everyday. Keep it up please. – Andrea, retiree.

Therefore, your sponsor to ALGAE WORLD NEWS not only helps the industry to grow, but also inspire more algae researchers and investor around the world. This would eventually bring us closer to our vision of solving the world’s energy and environmental issues.

With the use of the information technology, and a little help from you, ALGAE WORLD NEWS would like to thank you for your support and we hope to continue to spread the good use of algal biotechnology around the world, rising the public awareness on how algal biotechnology could possibly save our environment.

ALGAE WORLD NEWS wants to create a sustainable economy to produce green energy, feed and food for our future generations, extending human civilization to a new era. Your help is much appreciated.

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