Potentially lethal algae burgeoning in Nelson

[New Zealand] An algae that’s potentially lethal to humans and animals is burgeoning in Nelson.

A lack of rainfall in recent weeks has seen cyanobacteria – also known as blue-green algae – boom in the Maitai River.

It produces a toxin which can be lethal to dogs, stock and humans when ingested in large amounts.

Dog owners are being urged to take precautions and not allow their dogs to swim in any areas of the Maitai, or drink from the river.

They are advised to let their pets swim at Tahunanui Beach instead.

As this is a naturally occurring bacteria, Nelson City Council says little can be done to remove it other than waiting for the river to be cleared by significant rainfall.

The council and scientists are monitoring the algae growth in the lower Maitai.


Photo caption: By Nelson (NZ Herald)

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