Suncream Dairies launches Bubblegum flavour ice cream using spirulina blue

UK-based ice cream manufacturer Suncream Dairies has launched a new Bubblegum flavour ice cream, which has been specially developed to appeal to children.

Made to a traditional recipe with all natural colours and flavours, Mellow Gold Bubblegum ice cream achieves its colour through the use of spirulina – a 100% natural and nutritious blue-green micro water plant which is approved for use as a food colourant, both in the US and Europe.

“We’ve been asked time and time again for this flavour and we’re delighted that we’ve been able to create it in response to popular request,” said Rebecca Manfredi, Suncream’s MD. “We’re confident it will be a winner with children but it also gives caterers a great opportunity to extend their ice cream menus and capitalise on the associated profit opportunities.

“In the past, blue food tended to attract a negative press because of the additives it contained but we can reassure customers that this new Bubblegum ice cream contains safe, all natural colours and flavours.

“Mellow Gold ice cream has long been a firm favourite with customers as it always delivers a luxury taste at great value prices. The new Bubblegum now extends the range and enables caterers to meet the increasing demand for this popular flavour.”

Suncream’s Mellow Gold ice cream range now comprises five favourite flavours – Bubblegum, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Raspberry Ripple. All are available in 4 litre tubs.


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