Tapio faces blue-green algae red alert

Water authorities are urging the community in Tapio, north of Wentworth, to avoid using the Lower Darling River after a red alert for toxic blue-green algae.

The Sunraysia Regional Algal Coordinating Committee said it was not surprised Tapio had recorded very high counts of the toxic algae, given warm temperatures and reduced inflows.

The Wentworth Shire said water taken from the treated town water supply remained safe to use.

Committee chairman Owen Russell is recommending residents and farmers use rainwater tanks as an alternative.

“Because the raw water itself does have that blue-green algae red alert adhering to it at the moment, it’s definitely not safe for any human consumption as a raw water source,” he said.

“Outside of that it would mean that those people in that area would have to look for alternate sources and that may mean at times even trucking water into those areas.

“If they drank the raw water where there’s blue-green algae bloom it can make them sick and it would be more like a gastro-type event they would experience.

“Blue-green algae itself … it causes basically distress into your internal organs and can be quite serious if you do ingest it.”


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